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I am so beyond thrilled to have you here!

I'm Rhoda.

I'm a Spiritual Mentor + Writer + Artist!

I help women who have bold missions. Who are radiating with purpose. Who are here to contribute their talents and gifts in a meaningful way.

You could be growing a business, forming a rock band, or starting a raging movement around an awesome cause... Whatever the case, I'm here to inspire you + guide you + keep you balanced and strong, so that you can accomplish your big dreams.

I teach the principles of Self-Love + Feminine Power to ambitious, soulful, bright, fierce, heart-fueled, revolutionary women who are here to make some magic and create beautiful things in the world.

I offer guidance + wisdom that will help you to:

*Be more productive
*Increase your energy + well-being
*Avoid overwhelm + stress + burn-out
*Manifest the life you want + achieve your dreams
*Overcome negativity + limiting beliefs
*Be fearlessly creative, so that your projects are dripping with life and heart
*Make a BIG change that you know you need to make
*Express your big mission with clarity and passion
*Develop more confidence + centeredness, so that you can show up fully as brilliant + beautiful YOU
*Create financial abundance

...and LOTS more. Seriously.

I love working with purpose-driven women. Purpose-driven women inspire me. They give me hope for a better future.



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Deb King SWS Coaching

3 Steps to Change your Life

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Awesome Mantras for Manifesting

by Karen Palmer There is a vibratory frequency that corresponds to everything in the Universe. Happiness, sorrow, joy, regret — these are all vibratory frequencies in the mind. When we chant a mantra we are choosing to invoke the positive power contained in those particular syllables. Whether it’s for prosperity, peace of mind, increasing intuition,… Read More →

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3 Ways to Love You More

By Denise Dare For nearly 20 years, I’ve been searching for meaning, for understanding, and for inspiration. I started with a sweet little book called Grace Notes that my mama gifted me when I was about 16 and struggling with major heartbreak. I needed to learn how to feel enough and to love me for me.… Read More →


Positive Self-Talk 101

I have a question for you! – Are you aware of the thoughts that you’re thinking? If not, that needs to change right-this-second.  Because your thoughts are everything. The words you tell yourself within that inner landscape of yours are going to inform every single thing you do. So you’ve gotta be conscious of them.  … Read More →


Are You Trying to be Too Spiritually Perfect?

Guest Post by Jessica Lambalot   If you’re on the spiritual path, you might find that you are pretty tough on yourself when you have a – shall we say – “unenlightened moment.”  For example, I’m a heart-based person and try to live a life where I am forgiving, non-judgmental, grateful, and optimistic. This is… Read More →

Claim your Feminine Power.

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What We Do

About Us

The Superheroine Project was started as a way of reminding women everywhere of their power. Because inside of every woman lies a Superheroine. Someone who knows that she's worthy and lovable; someone who's in touch with her strengths and her gifts. Superheroines know that they’re here for a purpose. They know that they matter. They know that they’ve got this. Deep in their bones, they know it. And they understand — at the deepest level possible — that by doing what they were meant to do on this planet, they are inspiring countless women around them to step into Superheroine status too. So the Superheroine Project is more than a movement toward embracing our awesome woman power; it’s also a sisterhood of like-minded souls who can support each other through all the ups and downs of making our dreams happen.


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