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Sensual couple!

The #1 Secret to Being a Better Lover

Let’s talk about Sacred Sex! ‘Cause if you want to connect to yourself and your partner in a deeper, more fulfilling way, then I’ve got just the video to get you started. In it, I share the #1 secret for bringing more pleasure and intimacy in the bedroom. And keep in mind: This is just […]


Strengthen your Sixth Sense ~ with Victoria Vives Khuong

Today I want to share the brilliance of Victoria Vives Khuong with you. Everything this woman touches is left with the mark of her unique, vibrant, and gorgeously ecstatic soul. Her lively presence brings such dynamic flavor to the work she’s doing in the realms of Shamanism, EFT, Reiki, and Crystal Healing. Not only that, […]

Psychic Woman

3 Ways to Develop your Intuition + Psychic Power

We ALL have the ability to tap into our intuition and psychic power. Here’s a video that will show you 3 ways to develop that deep inner knowing!   To learn more about my friend Astra’s Magnificent Messengers Empowerment Experience, go right this way:

happy marriage

7 Keys to a Happy Marriage

  In celebration of my 10-year wedding anniversary, today I’m sharing a list of things I’ve learned throughout my marriage. If you have love in your life, I hope today’s words inspire you to keep that love going strong! And if you don’t yet have a partner, let this serve as a reminder of all […]


Mind Detox ~ Lesson 4: Putting the Breaks on Comparison

Welcome to our last Mind Detox!  This one’s all about combatting the need to compare ourselves to others. Even minor comparisons can be slippery slopes. Comparing can lead to a host of toxic feelings — envy, resentment, anger, frustration… If you always find yourself playing the comparison game, if you notice that you often give […]

no more limiting beliefs

Mind Detox: Lesson 3 ~ Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Welcome to Lovely Lesson 3!  Now, the way I see it, there’s simply no way to do a Mind Detox without tackling our limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are among our biggest enemies when it comes to fully embracing every moment and creating the life we want. Most of them, we’ve learned very early on, like […]

free your mind

Mind Detox ~ Lesson 2: Freeing your Mind Of Judgment + Criticism

So here we are in Lesson 2!  This week we’re going to align ourselves with an art known as non-judgment. Because when we carry judgments within us, we shut ourselves down from ALL life’s possibilities. “How so?” you ask. Well –> Judgment steals our light. It strangles our flow. It prevents us from living fully […]

Nostril Breathing2

Alternate Nostril Breathing

And the Mind Detox continues! I’ve got a great breathing exercise to share with you! Try it for just 1 minute, and your mind will instantly feel more clean, clear, and vibrant. I made a quick video below for you to check it out! The exercise is called Alternate Nostril Breathing. If you’ve done this […]


Mind Detox ~ Lesson 1: Forgiveness

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Louis B. Smedes I can’t think of anything more liberating than forgiveness. And so, it’s only fitting that we begin our Mind Detox with it! I’m a big believer of NOT holding grudges. When we harbor anger and pain […]

dancer mt kili

Overcome your Fears ~ An Interview with Ritu Riyat

Can I just say that I am beyond elated to have Ritu Riyat featured on my blog? A yoga and mindfulness teacher, Ritu is a fountain of wisdom, beauty, and peace. She is the epitome of feminine power, honoring that deep call to surrender to the unknown, while consistently pushing past any boundaries or limitations in […]

The Power of Releasing Expectations

Over the years, many people have come to me looking for spiritual and love-related advice. Whatever it is they’re looking for, they generally have one thing in common: A strong desire to find an answer that’s going to get them results. We’re a results-driven society, after all. Results give us a sense of meaning. They […]

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