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The Superheroine Project was started as a way of reminding women everywhere of their power. Because inside of every woman lies a Superheroine. Someone who knows that she's worthy and lovable; someone who's in touch with her strengths and her gifts. Superheroines know that they’re here for a purpose. They know that they matter. They know that they’ve got this. Deep in their bones, they know it. And they understand — at the deepest level possible — that by doing what they were meant to do on this planet, they are inspiring countless women around them to step into Superheroine status too. So the Superheroine Project is more than a movement toward embracing our awesome woman power; it’s also a sisterhood of like-minded souls who can support each other through all the ups and downs of making our dreams happen.


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Meet My New Intern Sarah

By Sarah Felder   Hey lovely people! I’m Sarah Felder from Brooklyn, New York. I’m a sophomore at Ohio University studying Human Sexuality and Relationships. You may be thinking, is this a real major? It’s not! I created it because I truly know what my passion is. I want to help people deeply connect with… Read More →

Deb King SWS Coaching

3 Steps to Change your Life

Guest Post by Deborah King   Are you wanting to create balance in your life, re-invent yourself, deal with your lack of self-worth, have a better relationship or get a better job? When you know you have to make changes but just don’t know how, what do you do? It seems easier to ignore it… Read More →

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