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Overcome your Fears ~ An Interview with Ritu Riyat

  Can I just say that I am beyond elated to have Ritu Riyat featured on my blog? A yoga and mindfulness teacher, Ritu is a fountain of wisdom, beauty, and peace. She is the epitome of feminine power, honoring that deep call to surrender to the unknown, while consistently pushing past any boundaries or limitations […]

The Power of Releasing Expectations

  Over the years, many people have come to me looking for spiritual and love-related advice. Whatever it is they’re looking for, they generally have one thing in common: A strong desire to find an answer that’s going to get them results. We’re a results-driven society, after all. Results give us a sense of meaning. […]


How to Combat Negative Thoughts

  Okay! This week’s topic isn’t a positive one. In fact, this post’s topic is NEGATIVITY.  But the good news is, we’ll be discussing negativity in a POSITIVE way… This doesn’t mean I’m about to dish lots of secrets on the upside of being negative. No. Instead, I’m going to tell you about a little […]


Free Abundance Audio Meditation

  If you missed my 14-Day Money + Abundance challenge, not to worry! I have a little treat for you – A very powerful meditation that will help you connect to that universal abundant energy that we all have access to. Have a listen right here: Abundance Meditation Want to work on amping up your manifestation skills? […]


How to Deal with Toxic People

  This week, I’ve got a couple of things to say about toxic people, and how you need to protect your vibration from them as though your life depended on it! (Because, um, it does, actually!) If you’ve got an energy vampire in your life, or someone who just seems to derive happiness from the sight […]

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How to Make Decisions from your Heart Space

  One of my favorite things in the world is challenging myself to let go and let my heart space navigate for me.  Truthfully, I think this world places way too much reverence on functioning from a mind-based perspective. Living that way just creates blockages and barriers between the people in our lives and our own connection to our authentic selves.  On the […]

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5 Hot Tantric Lovemaking Tips

  Continuing with this month’s theme of LOVE, I’m excited to share several tantric lovemaking tips from some teachers and healers whom I deeply admire! Get ready, ’cause these guys knoooow their stuff. I am so grateful to them for sharing their wisdom and brilliance with us this week. Read their super-sexy tips below, then […]

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14 Ways to Open the Heart Chakra

  Since we’re in the month of Valentine’s Day + International Self-Love Day, I’m gonna be rocking the LOVE! This week, I’m sharing a fun list of 14 things you can do to get your heart chakra vibrant, open, and deliriously magnetic… So LET’S NOT WAIT!…You can pick 1 tip, or you can do all […]

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How to Step into your Power + Own the Rights of your Chakras

  I want to share a little something with you! Okay, fine — actually, it’s a BIG something… Because once you know this, you’ll be able to live your life in deep alignment with your authentic self! (And I don’t need to tell you how transformative THAT is!) Here…it…comes… Basically, when we come to this […]


The Power of Receiving

  This is me coming clean: I’m a sucker for receiving things. Say what you will about me, but I LOVE to receive. Compliments, cards in the mail, books, flowers, candles, surprise visits from friends, spontaneous shoulder massages, envelopes full of cash…you name it! I welcome all gifts, big and small, into my life like […]

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Want to Make 2014 the Best Year Yet?

  Happy 2014!  I’ve got a quick exercise for you:  It’ll take just a minute, and it’ll give you a foundation to truly shine + make beautiful things happen in this New Year!  All you gotta do is fill in the two sentences below, and you’re good to go…  One thing I want to let […]

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5 Ways to Put More Soul into your Sex Life

  If you’re looking for some flashy + mechanical techniques that’ll blow your lover away, stop reading right this minute! You won’t find any of that stuff here.  What you will find is a very deep + soulful list full of ways that will not only bring you + your sexy bedmate more pleasure, but […]


What to Expect in 2014

  2014 is gonna be awesome! For you. For me. For all of us.   I have some fun things to share with you!   New stuff coming your way–   ~ On New Year’s Eve, I’ll be hosting a FREE call. It’ll be a New Year’s Eve Intention-Setting Ritual + Meditation, and it’s extremely […]

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How to Manifest Anything with Kubera Mudra

  Okay. Here’s a little secret… I am a manifestation junkie! And I absolutely LOVE sharing my manifestation strategies with other people, ’cause I know they get results. Whether you need more money, more purpose, more love, more joy, more whatever…the timeless art of manifestation has got you covered! Manifesting is something that ALL of us […]


Kiss Stress Goodbye with this Easy Trick

  BREAKING NEWS: Here’s the latest in my world…   We’ve had contractors over for the past several days, renovating BOTH of the bathrooms in our condo — and it has been absolute craziness!   Between that and the accompanying Work + Writing + Thanksgiving Week Plans + Out-of-town Guests (etc.!) — my life has been […]


An Inside Look into My Daily Meditation Practice

  We are about to make HISTORY! Never before have I shared my daily meditation practice, buuut — Here It Is! My goal here is to provide an inside look into how I stay present. Check it out and see if you don’t gain some inspiration for your own practice! Then, if you feel so […]


This is What Vulnerability Looks Like

  Vulnerability looks like me aboard a little airplane, beside my husband.   Streaking across the sky, somewhere between Montreal and the Midwest.   It looks like us exchanging worried glances, not long before, when we struggled to get to our seats, ‘cause the plane was so tiny and cramped.   It looks like us, […]


The Smiling Buddha Mudra

  Have you ever tried a MUDRA before? They seriously work!! Over the years, mudras have certainly added extra oomph to MY meditation practice. Just by making certain hand gestures, we can actually open up new pathways of energy in the body, which can heal and transform us in many ways! In this week’s video, […]

A Meditation for Eliminating Fear

  I’ve got a big secret for you: All of that Fear you feel sometimes? It’s an illusion. You’re bigger than it. It isn’t real. It isn’t what defines you.  You define you. By doing the things you love. By giving to the people around you. By making your craziest, most audacious dreams come true. […]


A Kundalini Meditation that will Rock your World

  One thing that deeply and profoundly changed my life was my Kundalini Awakening! I don’t talk about it too much, because I feel like all the words in the world would not be enough to fully convey how beautiful and electrifying my experience was. But in this week’s video, I venture into the topic […]

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What I Learned from My Digital Detox

  I’ll admit it: I’ve done things with my iPhone that I shouldn’t have!   No, not bad, dirty things. How could your mind even go there? I am an Upstanding Woman!   I’m talking about those other things. Like taking my phone into the bathroom with me. Or sleeping with it under my pillow. […]

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A Private Letter to My Inner Guru

  Heeey wait a minute, it said Private! What do you think you’re doing clicking on this?!   All right, all right. I give you permission to read it; just keep it between us.     Dearest Inner Guru:   I want to apologize.   I know, I know — you’re beyond apologies and you’ve […]

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How to Spark the Creative Genius in You

  Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut, and you don’t know what to do about it? I think that all of us appear on this planet with a divine urge to create. It’s something we can’t turn off. It’s a deep and essential part of expressing ourselves, and without that […]


Men: Are you Ready to Take it to the Next Level with your Woman?

  A few weeks back, I made a video for the women. THIS week, it’s the men’s turn! Guys, in this video, you’ll learn how to take it to the next level with your lady! (Or potential lady, if you’re single!) By next level, I mean: Deeper connection. Deeper communication. Deeper intimacy. Deeper lovemaking. Mmm-hmm, it’s […]

How to Live a Life of Less Pain & More Happiness

  Okay, so, the following words of advice might shock you, but here goes:   We must STOP pursuing happiness and avoiding pain.   Whew. All right. Controversial statement is out there; now to defend it…   Our world is pretty crazy. (Bet you knew that one already!) We spend way too much of our […]

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Why Self-Care Should Be Priority #1

  YOU alone are your greatest ally. No one but YOU can control your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. Pretty big deal, right?! That’s a whole lot of responsibility right there! Given how important this job is, you owe it to yourself to fuel your spirit with what you truly need. No more putting […]

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Do you Let Negative People Ruin Your Day?

  I have a policy when it comes to YouTube: I don’t let anybody on there make me feel bad about myself.   If some snarky ______ leaves a comment that degrades me in any way, I get rid of it so fast, I can barely remember hitting the “delete” key. And depending on the […]

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How to Clear Blockages from the Yoni

  Something you should know about me: I love admiring beautiful, strong women! Why? Well, because beautiful, strong women have Got It Going On. A woman who knows her power is fierce. Not only does she live the life she wants to live — with zero compromises — but she also serves as a bright […]


Sacral Chakra Superhero Meditation

  Guess what I’ve got for you today? A superhero meditation! Why is it a superhero meditation? Because it deals with the ‘S’ word AND the ‘E’ word. That’s right: Sexuality & Emotions! These are two HUMUNGOUS things that we simply cannot take for granted. We need to nurture our Sexuality & Emotions, ’cause they […]

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Do you Try too Hard to be Perfect?

  A few weeks ago, on Facebook, I wrote: All of your imperfections make you PERFECT. Don’t try to change. Just try to be more of who you really are. That’s who we want to see!! Doesn’t that just take off a whole load of pressure right there?! You’re not gonna hit the bull’s-eye every time. So […]

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How to Unlock the Root Chakra — Super Fast

    Stop pretending, and admit it right now: It’s all about the Root Chakra. Am I right?! The Root Chakra is like your launching pad for, well, absolutely everything. If you’re feeling out-of-balance or out-of-whack, it’s your saving grace. If you’re unhappy with your job or your finances, it’s your hero and your rock. […]

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The Art of Being Present

  I’ve got a challenge for you, and it’s a good one! I want to challenge you to Be More Present in your day-to-day life. Shake yourself out of old habits and old ways of seeing things. Stop being swayed by all the chatter in your mind, and find that still space of spontaneity inside […]

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Why you Have to Start Oil Pulling Today

    I’m gonna make this brief, ’cause I want you to start watching my latest video right away! It’s that important. In the video, I dive into the topic of Oil Pulling, which is one of the most potent ayurvedic remedies ever. Not to mention, one of the cheapest, easiest, and HEALTHIEST things you […]

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How to Fall in Love With Yourself

    Happy Self-Love Day! All right, you got me; I made that holiday up. But come on, how cool would it be to have an actual Self-Love day? After all, it’s only one of the most important things you could possibly do for yourself. (Aside from showering regularly and eating organic leafy greens!) In […]

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Wealth and Abundance Meditation

  I’ve just created something I know you’ll love. It’s a video of a Wealth Meditation I LOVE to do. It’s a supremely magical and deep process with the potential to create MASSIVE shifts in your Abundance Factor. If you’ve ever felt as if you were lacking in any way — or that the money isn’t flowing at the […]

What’s Challenging You In Your Sex Life Right Now?

    Sex is one of the most powerful forces on this planet. That’s why I’m all about having fun, empowering, and jaw-droppingly awesome conversations about our Bodies, our Pleasure, and the ways we Relate to one another. In fact, I think the world is starving for these conversations. We all need to start living […]

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The Key to Boosting your Brain Power

    Have you ever had one of those moments where your brain just completely clocks out? Sooo frustrating, right?!      Maybe you’re trying to remember someone’s name, and it’s just not coming. Or you’re trying to focus real hard on a conversation, or a lesson, or a paragraph in a book, but your […]


The Secret to Honoring Your Boundaries

  Don’t you hate it when what you FEEL and what you DO are totally out of synch with one another? Isn’t that the worst? For example, maybe you’re caught up in doing EVERYTHING you can to please others — so much so that you’re forgetting to honor your own needs. I’m telling you right […]

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How to be Happy ~ A Meditation

  Need a pick-me-up? A boost in mood? A sunnier outlook? Then the meditation in the video below is exactly what you’re looking for! Caution: This one’s deep, folks. It’s all about the Happy (which is cool; I love me lots of Happy), but to get there, we get brave and acknowledge the flip side […]

Pleasure is Purpose

7 Fun Ways to Find your Purpose

  One of the things that excites me most is this simple fact: Everyone is here for some unique and great purpose. And if you don’t believe that, I’m going to find you and shake you! It is not random or meaningless, you being here in the world. All of us have our own insights, […]

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Boost your Pleasure with this Orgasmic Exercise

  I have to admit something to you right now… I am literally OBSESSED when it comes to exploring all the potential that is available in our bodies! Whether it’s through yoga, dance, movement, martial arts, or the act of lovemaking, I have found that the body is consistently revealing itself as an endless pool […]

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3 Powerful Deep Breathing Exercises that Will Blow your Mind

  Okay. This might sound forehead-smackingly obvious to all of you, but I’m gonna say it anyway… The Breath is the foundation for everything. Especially pleasure.  The video below contains a few of my favorite breathing exercises. And believe me when I say that these exercises will help you to feel unbelievably relaxed, refreshed, and […]

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How to Start a Meditation Practice

  If you’re toying with the idea of starting a meditation practice, you’ve come to the right place. Meditation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself over and over again, with each new day. And in the video below, I will show you how to effortlessly begin meditating with confidence! Watch it! […]


Want to Wake up Kundalini?

  Six years ago, back when I awakened my Kundalini, I had noooo idea what was happening. My body was moving in ways I had never experienced — and I wasn’t the one moving it. It was almost as if this wisdom had been bottled up inside of me for…well, basically for my whole entire […]

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Calling All Women Who Want Open Heart Chakras!

  A woman with an open heart chakra is just plain fierce. Her relationships are deep, intimate, and adventurous. Her outlook is fresh and positive. She stands with open arms, ready to handle any and every moment as it comes. She bubbles over with confidence and sexiness and mad-crazy wisdom. To look at a woman […]

The Secret to Being in Love… and Staying There

    There’s something so magnetic about a clear and open mind. When we drop all the head-chatter, the universe has a way of providing us with just what we need, at the time we need it. And that’s good news if you’re trying to attract a partner! New Love in a New City The […]


A Super-Easy Way to Ditch Stress

  “No man is an island.” We’ve all heard that quote. And although it might stir up feelings of community, connection, and being a part of something much bigger than ourselves, it also brings to mind something quite unavoidable: the amount of influence that other people and circumstances inevitably have over us.   Things Beyond […]